Using a PTZ Optics Camera

PTZ Follow Me was initially developed for a PTZ Optics 20x camera. This camera supports a wide range of settings, from a house of worship to a classroom. Here are the steps to make sure the PTZ Follow Me app will work with your camera.


Configure your camera

First, log into the cameras configuration panel. For this example, my camera is set to the IP address of, yours may vary. Browse to the admin panel. Default username/password: admin/admin http://<ip>

Once logged in, click Network on the side.


Configure network

In the network panel, pay attention to the IP address (you should know that already) and the ports. Default ports are as follows:

HTTP: 80

RTSP: 554

PTZ: 5678 (referred to as VISCA port in PTZ Follow Me)


Use those settings!

When you open PTZ Follow Me, select the button above the pretty picture of the PTZ Optics camera. See it?


Put those settings (IP, HTTP Port, RTSP Port, VISCA port) in the settings. Authenticated RTSP streams are broken right now, I’ll fix it ASAP!!